Sunday, August 5, 2012

Taho in the summer

Hi, right now I'm at Lake Tahoe and having a great time(we also brought daisy) . When we came Amy and Suzanne where already at the beach. After we dropped all our stuff at the house we rented we went to the beach. it was a two minute drive and when got to the beach part i was pretty disappointed since it was super small and SUPER crowded, plus the water was ice cold and crowded,but then I saw the swimming borders and thought that it was to small. eventually Ezra and i where having fun in the water. but eventually Ezra got out and we all went to get ice cream. Nadia and I got Drumsticks while Katie got Dibs. Then Ezra decided to go kayaking so that left me to stay with Suzanne, Nadia, and Katie. I went to a bouncy house and played dead man with some kids, but when we all got out for a break they deflated the bouncy house. When I saw the pile of plastic I decided to get some chicken fingers. after that Was all boring and I don't bore you so I'll end here.


  1. Now I know why your mother has returned my e-mail. You certainly eat a lot. I would guess you look like a big balloon after all that food.