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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Maker Club (yes this is a shameless promotion)

Hi, today I am going to promote a school club I go to called Maker Club. We mostly do 3D printing/maker activity's, when I say activities I mean we all do whatever we want. We are going to be attending the following events:

East Bay Mini Maker Fair - OCT 19
List of Makers (we are in here)

Discovery Days - NOV 1
Main Site

Website: Tales of a 3D Printer

Saturday, September 27, 2014

My New Custom built PC

All the grammar and spelling errors are unintentional

Quite some time ago (around january, 2013, the beginning of time) I was always pisssed of, that all good games were made for PC, and not mac, and for the record I am an apple user, so around late 2013 I started saving up money to buy a computer, the problem? they were so expensive. and I only had $800-$900 to spare, so I looked into building one, at the time I thought it would be like building a rocket out of jello and silly putty, but its more like a more advanced, delicate and expensive version of legos. I did some research and found a good web site, PC Part Picker, to help me find the right parts and find the best deals for them. I spent a lot of time reading about balancing CPU and GPU, ram speeds, hard drive rpm's and a good case. lucky for me, my dad knows someone who makes custom pc's who could sell some parts to me for AmAzInG (amazing) prices. some of my original list had to be changed to accommodate for the parts I was buying. eventually I had bought every part I needed for my PC, I even bought a case called Elysium . eventually we built the computer, his knowledge sped up the process x10 and in a few hours, I was booting into windows 8.1
and The Image below is my first PC
The Finished Result

Friday, January 17, 2014

The Marin Headlands, a mon-fri Trip to My least favorite place

Hello again everyone! Sorry I haven't updated recently, but I have plenty to write about. A few weeks sometime in September ago my class was going to go to the Marin Headlands. I had went there in 4th grade and didn't want to hike all day, sleep in a dorm with ten other people and have my shoe filled with sand all day so I was counting on the government shutdown to cancel the trip, but the government opened up again so I had to go. I'm only going to talk about the hikes and food because there is something else I want to tell you, but later. The first hike was to the lighthouse, and it wasn't really that bad, except it was very windy when we got there so I just make a blanket out of my 2 jackets and tried to take a nap for the short time there. The next hike was to Hawk Hill and it was an all uphill hike and by the time we got there my legs had died and had gone to leg heaven. The night hike is just plain creepy, I'll leave it at that.


Hello again! I have some videos to show you of the ziplining place I went to. Whoever can guess what I recorded the Videos with can imagine a one way airplane ticket to Hawaii. Ezra is not eligible to guess because I told him what I used. here are the videos of the 8 courses, the last one was a 1/2 mile long. There are other videos, but they are still uploading.