Sunday, January 6, 2013

Skiing at Boreal

Hi! I haven't been blogging recently so I thought that now would be a good time since its 2013, Christmas is over and nobody's busy. almost two weeks ago me and Ezra where skiing at Tahoe Donner and Boreal. The first day I got there Ezra and his dad were already at Boreal. I couldn't deicide to go or not, I finally went. The walk to the lodge and lift tickets was pretty far and when I finally saw  Ezra and Igor I climbed a big hill to the lift called Castle Peak where the line was about as slow as a snail. When we got on we chose right, the easier one and went down it a few times before returning to the lodge for hot chocolate and after that continued skiing. The part about tahoe donner can be found at Luka land and Ezra world.