Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Well, it's been awhile....

Three years ago, I wrote a piece about Maker Club. Then, for some reason or another, I completely forgot about this place. Just 10 minutes ago, I was looking at some old emails, when I remembered this place. Looking at it, I found most of the widgets to be non functioning, unnecessary, or outdated. Once they were removed, I took a look at some of my old posts, just to see what my early writing was like.


People say self reflection is important, so I'll dedicate some time to reflect on my old posts. Reflections below:
  • I praised Minecraft the same way a cult leader would encourage someone to drink the kool aid
  • I had colored text in my paragraphs. Apologies to anyone who had to read this
  • I have a poll asking for opinions of my blog, without the option to vote on anything negative (The poll is still up, and I believe I am still the only person who voted)
  • I felt the need to write down every little detail of my life, and any poor soul who came across my while doing so
  • My posts were usually less than a paragraph long
  • I have a draft saved from many years ago, that includes this sentence: "The first thing that happened (after I did all the non interesting stuff that people don't like to read about) I went to my cabin to unpack". First, that's grammatically incorrect. Second, that's "non interesting".
  • Side note: Does anyone remember marble blast? That game was fun
  • This exists and is an entire blog post: "today I made a drinks stand to try to earn money to get a rc helicopter that can take pictures and videos." That's pathetic for a tweet, much less a blog post.
  • My bio starts by listing my age, my favorite books, my favorite foods, my friends, my favorite teacher, my dog and my nerf guns. Know what isn't listed there? My name.
  • My bio lists Percy Jackson and The Lost Hero as two books, despite the fact that one is a series of books, one is a book within a series, and both series are part of the same story. None of the other books listed are actually books, they are all a series of books. Am I overanalyzing this small misstep from my youth? Yes.
  • UPDATE: I would like to correct this statement: "I think Math is so cruel it could be the worlds worst torture method" (Bio). As of today, this is no longer true. Memorizing and writing Shakespearean sonnets is the world's worst torture method.
  • UPDATE 2: This statement is still true: " I was always pisssed of, that all good games were made for PC, and not mac" (My New Custom built PC). Get to work Apple, we don't pay $3,000 for a nice OS.
  • I underlined my name in my intros quite inconsistently.
  • I told people to check out my book without providing a link to said book. Here is the link to said book
  • On the back of that book is the worst photo of me I have ever seen. I feel that the previous sixteen dollars could have been better spent on literally anything else (including Handerpants), so I lowered it down to ten dollars.
  • I am advertising my book solely for us to laugh at. That thing makes no money as is.
  • I have formatted my name like this: Luka©®™ within the last 2 years.

  • You see the boxes at the bottom labeled: Funny, Interesting and Cool? I am the person who has pressed even one of those. And even then, I for some reason, didn't do it to all of them
  • I have turned 'Don't Track my Pageviews' on and off (It is off as of 5/2/17). On one hand, it gives me a misrepresentation of my audience, on the other hand, having it on is the only reason I have an audience. 

And that concludes my self evaluation (?). I highly recommend you go through my old posts for a quick laugh. If I had one word to describe them (despite my despise for this word's current use), I would choose cringe.

So much cringe.

If I do continue to update, you can expect a number of changes. All posts will be longer than one sentence. No text will be colored and or bolded. I will write about interesting things. I will stop promoting Minecraft. It only made me look like a tool. 

OVERWATCH is the best game ever you can get 2 blue 2 grey! ! ! Love playing it and drinking kool aid!!!!!!!!!! Buy my book on it! !! ! ! !

Yeah, that wasn't really funny

But on a serious note: Overwatch is pretty fun

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