Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I'm 11 and here's some of my favorite book recommendations:
Big Nate, Garfield, Percy Jackson, Garfield, and The Lost Hero.

I like TV, ipad, computers, my blog, my friend Ezra (who also has a blog), and playing football at P.E., My favorite school subjects are, Science, Art and, Computers at school , and I think Math is so cruel it could be the worlds worst torture method.

My favorite foods are burritos, sushi, ice cream, pizza (Gioia or Lanesplitter but not from Zachary's) and chinese noodles (chow fun).

My favorite candies are Starbursts, Skittles, vanilla ice cream in a waffle cone with chocolate and strawberry syrup.

I have 3 pets 2 cats and a dog. The first cat's name is Oz. He's grey but if you look closely he's striped with grey and dark-grey. The second cat is named Odin. He looks like he's wearing a tuxedo. He's really cute and small, with a big tail he also has a motto went in for dog shampoo,came out with a kitten.

Our dog Daisy is darkish tan and she likes to fetch, always wants her tummy rubbed, and is a great alarm clock. Her tail curls up, not as much as a bulldog, but slightly.

I go to Black Pine Circle School. Some of my best friends are Tommy, Jasper, Cole, Ricky, Matthew, Josh, and Anthony. My teacher is Mr. O.

I have a large assortment of nerf guns and use them constantly to fend away annoying people, or snipe Ezra when he comes to my house!


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  2. I'm glad to know about your favorite things. I will keep that in mind for future playdates and birthday presents! -- Suzanne