Friday, June 10, 2011

School's Out!

School's over and summer's been really fun so far.

We went to my friend Tommy's bday party, had a sleepover with Sam, and a lot more fun's going to be coming in the next week. I'm going to have some ScienceWiz camp, where I'll build Lego Mindstorm programmable robots, and after that, some Chemistry Camp at Lawrence Hall of Science, and then build a City at another camp- sort of an architect/engineer city designing camp, maybe build a harbor with ships, or a bridge or a park. Sounds really fun.

I nearly forgot- my friend E--- (he prefers to be described this way) is having a camping birthday party.

Then it's free time and fun. And August 13th it'll be my birthday. And after my birthday, it'll be more fun and free time til Sept 1st.

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