Saturday, June 16, 2012

slumber party

A week ago, I went to a slumber party at Josh's house.  I was first to get there. The first thing that was interesting was a whole bowl of m&ms but they were for when the pizza arrived. Then Matthew came and Josh's brothers kept stealing m&ms so i got the job of guarding them. Hugo arrived shortly after that and we started to fill water balloons. Then finally the pizza came. We ate it in the backyard and I ate mine the fastest, even my second slice. We then got to work with the water balloons. It took about an hour, but it paid off. We then teamed up and started a water fight. I hit Hugo a few times. When Anthony (another friend) had the last balloon I ran to the backyard and went to the other side of the house were i thought there was an exit, Anthony threw the balloon and I duked as it exploded over my head. We went in I was completely dry, but just about everyone else was wet. We watched TV and ate  for the next hour. Then when it was time to get into our sleeping bags and we talked. Anthony and I couldn't sleep till About one. We woke up and watched more TV. Then went to a park for the rest of the time.

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  1. I never thought M&Ms and pizza mixed. Interesting. Sounds like you had a good time.