Wednesday, July 4, 2012

ID Tech day 1-5

A week ago I went to ID tech. When I got there I saw a ton of kids. After I singed in I got my lanyard and went down some stairs to the kids. After everyone was sorted we went inside and opened a PC program called multimedia fusion 2. The first thing we did was pick a character. At first I chose a robot with a gun but later switched to a tank. Then we moved the character around with the arrow keys by pressing F2. then made first condition to keep him in the frame so he could always stay in sight. then we also made it so he could only walk left and right. then we chose something to shoot something at him. I chose cartoon warrior and made him shoot a small navy ship. By then It was time for lunch. Since UC berkeley has a cafeteria we could have eaten there and have just had to walk up some stairs, But since I had a lunch I knew I had homemade lunch but their cafeteria was closed, so we went to a bigger one. When we got their a counselor said "Cold lunch people over hear" but then panda said I had the cafeteria food, so I went in. After a short wait in line and after I found the trays, I immediately saw the square cut vanilla frosted lemon cake. I took a piece and a piece of another thing that was next to the cake. And just as I was looking for more food that didn't have a line. Panda came up to me and said I needed to add something healthy. So I went and found the pizza, and the rest of the time was eating pizza, talking with brick, and discovering the frozen yogurt machine, and leaving. And since this is getting long and I can't remember the details of the next few hours, I'm going to stop hear.(this is only day 1 halfway) ( :


  1. Sounds like quite a day. We had pizza with Grandpa and Grandma Specter when we visited them in Sherman. It was the best pizza I've ever had.

    Unfortunately, I gained 4 pounds during the visit and I can't get rid of them!