Sunday, June 23, 2013

Greetings from the house

Hello to you all, it's me, LUKA THE MAGNIFICENT. It's been busy for me now that Summer Vacation!!!!!! is on (Summer Break for most adults born before 2000).

First: The new Simcity News.

The News:

Okay fist off, if you have no idea or don't care about Simcity then don't read this post. If you want to continue, and are a mac user that cares about Simcity's mac release date, then continue reading. So I'm guessing that most of you were pissed when they moved the release date from march fifth to June eleventh. If you were than you can enjoy writing extremely angry comments, while pulling you hair out, while shrieking swear words at the computer in reaction to this post. (I did all of these and it helps, trust me) read this article.

Oh, and so you can see which comments and replies were mine, my username is "ThoseAreMyPies"

And if you want to be a hero to the mac gaming community just click the link provided below
and fill in the boxes and you will count as 1 person who joined the petition. all of the info you need is on the page. Also on a closing note, if you have friend who would want to sign this then ask them! we need 5 more people.


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