Sunday, May 26, 2013

Torture method #1. The spring concert.

Hello again everyone and welcome to another torture method story. Last time I put 7a (The school extravaganza) and when the spring concert came I knew that this was the worst thing of all. First I will tell you about the winter concert. My school has two concerts every year, the winter, and the spring. The winter concert isn't that bad (except for the fact that I hate singing) everyone goes to the upper school (Our school has two building's. one elementary, one middle) and do it for the parents. The spring concert is the real problem. Everyone, I mean EVERYONE comes to the first congenital church of Oakland and all the grades preform at least one act. Also junior, intermediate, and advanced bands have to play. Also advanced orchestra play. Some classes have kids who play Chello or Violen. This year the concert was about two hours. Last year it was about three. That wraps up todays torture method story.

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