Monday, July 15, 2013

London, Paris, arcs and towers Part 1 The Start

Bonjour à nouveau! C'est moi! Luka!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Il a été très occupé pour moi ici po .. Paris?
For those people who don't speak french (or didn't use google translate), I just said I'm busy here in Paris. And it's true! I hope you wouldn't mine wiping up google translate to translate, cause you'll need to! I also have some great news that i will tell you soon...

First: London
Second: Paris (Current Location)
Third: Is a surprise!

it started out as and plane flight for my family would start. going to the airport.
We used Bart and after 1 loooooong hour we finally pulled into SFO Airport.
We used small suitcases and we had already printed our boarding passes, so we didn't need to check in.
We went to gate A11 for our 6:30 and waited

1 or so hours later...

our flight is delayed, our terminal sucks and our flight is moved to gate A8

3 hours later...(10:30):

 I'm on a Boeing 747 in the middle isle and I'm flying with Virgin Atlantic

Then the flight lands and I'm in London! We grab a cab to our friend's house and meet their kittens!
We eat dinner, use their trampoline and go to bed and all is good. Till the very next day......

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  1. So now you're becoming a travel writer. Good! Tell us more about your trip.