Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Ski time (sorry I haven't updated recently)

Hi! It me again, LUKA. sorry I haven't been on recently, but it's school time, swim lessons time, and ski time. If you are wondering why I decided to wright right now is because: I have no homework, I'm bored, and I wanted to blog anyways. I'll skip the first night (right when I got there I fell asleep). The next mourning I woke up and went into the living room, and found Ezra, Katie, and Nadia on the couch playing on some sort of device. I got my macbook air(the computer I'm using to type this right now) and started to play World of Tanks, one of mans best computer games ever created, but I only got to play one battle before we had to go ski. At Tahoe Donner we had the place almost to ourselves. There were no lines for the lifts.
Everything seemed fine, the lift was fine, the ski's were fine, but at one point we saw that Dart, one of our favorite runs had been converted into a medium terrain park. when we got off we decided on race course. I told Ezra "don't cut back" because on our last trip there he told me to cut back at one point and I did. I also fell of of what looked like a nice smooth, slight drop. It was actually a powder field and the drop into the powder tipped me over. So this time we didin't cut back. Race Course was fine but there was one problem, slush. On our next run we went down another side of Dart. The top was fine, except for the moguls, but the lower half was a slush field. The next day we went to squaw instead. the snow was much better there and the lift lines were almost none existant. when we got to the top of the gondola we decided to go up emigrant. on the way up Ezra saw a path that led to Blue Express and Shirley Lake. the first time we followed the easiest way markers at the top. and the experts only for the run that was almost straight down wasn't necessary since it was obvious. the first time we just did the easiest way down, the next time we took the passage Ezra saw. When we got there Ezra looked down Shirley Lake, and chickened out. The next time down we went on it. It wasn't as bad as Ezra had anticipated, and I loved it. The following days we went to squaw and did what we liked to do, Shirley Lake.

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