Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Science Fair

Hi, It's me LUKA! I have been up to a lot (enough for a whole separate post)
including a science fair. I Built a hovercraft and I will spare you the details of how I built it. I typed up my poster board and will be uploading it soon. When I got to my school I got there just in time for it to start. I rolled the hovercraft out and placed it outside the music room (everyone else had there projects there). and when the first leaf blower started a crowd gathered and the last person in line (after we moved it and stopped using the 3rd leaf blower(it had blown a fuse)) tried it when it was getting dark. Then most of my classmates wanted turns. There was also a book swap in our library. But when I got there there were only cheesy/kiddie books.

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